Our Environment

At Little Buckets Child Care we embrace the Reggio Emilia approach and ensure that are environments are recongised as the “third teacher” while you as our families are the first and our educators the second.

We create and design our environments to offer children areas that are well organised and maintained; while also providing, as much as is possible, natural materials for them to explore with.  Our indoor and outdoor classrooms are designed with each child in mind and our educators are trained and encouraged to create environment set ups that will be inviting and stimulating for each child.

Our long day care centres are divided into three learning groups, babies, toddlers and preschool.  Each of these environments are resourced and set up to meet the developmental needs of each individual age group.

Our children have the freedom to freely move between our indoor and outdoor environments where they have access to vegetable gardens, sand pits, climbing frames, mud kitchens, animals and so much more.  Our educators set up environments where there is no limit on indoor or outdoor equipment; we believe that both these area intertwined with each other and are therefore one learning environment.