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The environment in our Centres is a stimulating one where children feel safe and supported in their explorations. We recognise that each stage of development is a unique and valuable part of life and we provide opportunities for children to explore, question and gain experiences to maximize their growth and confidence. Our focus is to create an environment where children and families feel a sense of “being, belonging and becoming”.

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Meet Our Outstanding Employee of the Month

This is MICHELLE from Little Buckets Ridgewood

My current position is Centre Director of Little Buckets Ridgewood.

I have been working in the childcare industry for the past 16 years.

I work for this company because I feel that people are what make a company. The people I work with and for, are all so caring and friendly. They are not just working colleagues but are friends. It is nice to come to work each day into a happy, fun work environment, each day holds something new.

I am passionate about this industry because children have such an energy and passion for life. They have stories to tell and an imagination that can be endless. I also enjoy watching the children grow and learn providing them with the tools they need to develop new skills.

The reason why I love working with children is because of the rewarding feeling I get when I see the children learn something new. It is so warming to see the excitement on the children’s faces each morning when they greet me, the bonds that I have formed with the children is the best reward.

The best thing I have seen in childcare is when lasting bonds are formed with the children and families. I had cared for a child over 4 years, after he had left over centre to head off to school, he asked his Mum if he could buy a Mother’s Day gift for me at the School stall because he told her that I was his Mum whilst she was at work.

In my downtime, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Most of my weekends consist of supporting my 3 boys in their love of sports, Athletics in summer and Football in winter.

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