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The environment in our Centres is a stimulating one where children feel safe and supported in their explorations. We recognise that each stage of development is a unique and valuable part of life and we provide opportunities for children to explore, question and gain experiences to maximize their growth and confidence. Our focus is to create an environment where children and families feel a sense of “being, belonging and becoming”.

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Meet Our Outstanding Employee of the Month – JASMINE

This is JASMINE from Little Buckets Butler

My current position is the Centre Director of Little Buckets Butler.

I have worked in Childcare for 18 years.

I am passionate about this industry because I believe that children are the key to our future. We are also their “first teachers”, apart from their families, that the children form a bond with and learn from.

I love working with children as every day is different.  They can make you laugh, cry and even pull your hair out some days. It is the interactions I have with each child that gives me real enjoyment.

The best thing I have heard in childcare was when a parent told me they growled at their child and in response their child has said “I’m telling Jasmine on you and I want to go to Jasmine’s house”.

I work for Little Buckets because they are a family orientated company who genuinely care about their staff and centres.

In my downtime, I love to spend time with my family because Friday nights are games nights!

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